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Terms and Conditions

I. Validity

The following terms and conditions apply to the contract conclusion and execution of travel packages booked on the website The tours offered on our behalf include the visit of a national or international football match as well as hotel accomodation and catering according to the tour description. Travel to and from the venue is not part of the contract and shall be conducted by the customer on his/her own account.
The terms and conditions can be printed or downloaded here. So long as no differing terms and conditions are agreed the legal requirements apply, especially per §§ 651 a ff. BGB (German Civil Code).

II. Contract Conclusion, Cancellation and Refund

1. Contract Conclusion
The tour services offered and described on our behalf are binding. The travel contract is concluded with your booking of the chosen tour for the chosen number of participants. By clicking on the „Book“ button you confirm your booking and its binding character.
Subsequently we will send a confirmation of the travel contract to your email address including the tour services, travel period and rate. The service description and terms and conditions will be linked once again in the email.
Contradicting or differing terms and conditions explicitly require our signed confirmation.

2. Cancellation and Refund
As tour participant you are entitled at any time before the beginning of the trip to cancel your booking versus payment of a cancellation fee. You can only withdraw from the entire contract and not from single services.
The cancellation fee is according to the total travel cost of each participant. The relevant date for the calculation of the fee is the receipt date of your cancellation. The cancellation fee is subject to a precise calculation. Following flat charges will apply:

up to 90 days before beginning of trip 30%
up to 30 days before beginning of trip 50%
up to 10 days before beginning of trip 70%
later 90%

of the travel cost of each cancelling participant. Proof of a lesser or no loss at all is subject to you.

Rights and duties from the travel contract can be conferred on our demand to a third person. Admission of a third person can be rejected by us if the person does not fulfil the travel requirements or if legal terms are opposed to his participation. With admission of a third person to the travel contract you and the third person are liable to the price of travel and possible additional charges.

3. Termination of Contract
Both contract parties can cancel the travel contract if the trip is aggravated, endangered or hampered through sudden circumstances that were unforeseen on the day of conclusion. Already offered services are subject to a refund. No other entitlements do exist.  

We might terminate the contract before beginning of the tour if you fail to fulfil your payment obligation in due time. In this case we are entitled to claim our financial loss precisely or as flat charge. Our  cancellation fee conditions apply to the calculation of the flat charge. Proof of a lesser or no loss at all is subject to you.

4. Insurance
Insurance is not included in the travel price. We advise you to conclude a travel cancellation and a health insurance, that covers treatment or transport costs, when booking the trip. We can only broker such insurance. Any contract only applies to the contract parties.

III. Tours, Rates and Changes

1. Tours
Our tour services are as described in each offer. You will be accomodated in hotels of the category booked.
Double rooms include a double bed or two single beds. Bookings of a half double room are subject to the booking of a second person of the same sex. Otherwise you will be charged the regular single room upgrade price. The same conditions apply to larger rooms.
The travel confirmation received via email is your booking confirmation for your hotel. If only a hotel category was booked you will be notified about the precise hotel ten days before the beginning of your trip but not before receipt of your complete payment. Tickets for the football matches and eventually other vouchers, i. e. for sightseeing tours, will be handed over at your destination. This shall minimize any risk during delivery.
We inform explicitly that any refund entitlement for travel services not claimed does not exist.

2. Alteration of Tours
Our tour offers mostly have to be planned well in advance. Therefore alteration of travel services cannot be excluded completely. Kick-off times of Bundesliga matches may be subject to change, hotel reservations may have to be changed as well within the category booked. Such or similar changes do not entitle you to a reduction of the travel price or to an extraordinary right of withdrawal.

3. Defects, Obligation and Exclusion

1.) Travel Defects: Obligation and Rights
Your complete satisfaction is our main goal at any time. If, by exception, our service is inadequate you of course may apply for relief. Your application may only be rejected if it would require a disproportional effort.
If we do not offer relief within an appropriate deadline determined by you, you are entitled to produce relief yourself and to apply for a refund of your expenditure. A deadline set by you is not required if we reject producing relief or if immediate relief is required due to your special interest.
Your right to a reduction of the travel price for the duration of the defect will not be applicable if you fail to report the defect.
If the service provided by us is inadequate and your trip therefore affected, you have the right to terminate the contract. Your termination is only admissible after you have allowed us an appropriate deadline for providing relief and after this deadline has expired without relief. If relief is not possible, rejected by us or if the termination of the contract is justified through a special interest, such a deadline is not required.
Relief applications and defect reports are to be addressed to us directly:
Alexander Malas
Hermannsweg 33a
33415 Verl
Hotline: +49 (0)180 501 0765
Fax: +49 (0)5246 602 0284

You may also contact the reception in your hotel. Our contract partners are however not entitled to accept effective claims against us.

2.) Compensation and Limitation of Liability
In addition to reduction or termination of the contract you can apply for compensation of contract defects unless the defect has been caused by circumstances beyond the responsibility of the tour operator.
In these cases our liability for compensation for damages, that are not bodily injuries, is limited to three-times the travel price, if:
a) a damage has not been caused negligently or deliberately
b) we are to be held accountable for a damage exclusively due to a fault by one of our contract partners

3.) Terms of Exclusion and Limitation Period
Contractual entitlements due to partial or complete failure to perform travel services are to be claimed within one month after the end of travel. See 1.) for the address to be used.
Claims after this period are only admitted if you have been prevented from respecting the deadline independent of negligence. All entitlements stated above expire one year after the end of travel.  

IV. Miscellaneous

a) Visa, Passport and Health Advice
If required, please contact your consulate or embassy for visa, passport and immigration information.
Health advice can be obtained from the health ministry, doctors or other institutions such as the Federal Centre for Health Education (

b) Data Protection
Your data is only recorded by us as far as needed for the performance of our contract and is protected according to the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).

c) Severability Clause
If any provision of the contract shall be invalid or impracticable in whole or in part this shall not affect the validity of the remaining part of this contract.

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